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  • High and Low Dusting in All Rooms
  • Spot-Clean Walls, Woodwork, Molding, etc.
  • Clean Fireplace (Remove Soot) – Dust/Clean Equipment
  • Vacuum Carpets, Rugs, Hall Runners, etc.
  • Sweep and Damp-Mop All Floors (Including Hardwood)
  • Sweep and Damp-Mop Tile and Linoleum Floors – Usually Kitchen and Bath
  • Clean Entire Bathroom:
    • Shower
    • All Fixtures
    • Toilet
    • Medicine Chest
    • Light
    • Ceiling and Floor
  • Clean Entire Kitchen:
    • Clean All Appliances
    • Clean Oven and Range/Burner Tops
    • Clean Refrigerator – Inside, Outside, Top, Front, Back and Beneath
    • Clean Kitchen Cabinets – Inside, Outside, Uppers and Lowers
    • Clean Light Fixtures
  • Spot-Clean Fingerprints and Black Marks from Walls Switches, Door Molding, etc.


  • Wash Windows – Both Sides (Average $12 per Window)
  • Clean Carpets – Rotary Shampoo Machine (Minimum $85, Plus $0.30 per Square Foot for Any Areas over 200 Square Feet)
  • If Stripping Tile or Linoleum Floor Only, Minimum Is $225 or $0.35 per Square Foot
  • Clean Metal Mini-Blinds – Take Down, Clean and Re-Hang (Minimum $30 per Blind or $3.00 per Square Foot)
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