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Begin with kindness to yourself.

About TCM

‘Accu’ in Latin means needle, or rubolesk, and can mean ‘temple’. Puncture means to pierce. One may say that we are ‘piercing the temple of the body’ to reach something esoteric within.

Rooted in ancient Chinese culture, TCM balances the meridians and channels of the body to restore energy flow, so that the body can align and strengthen its systems.


I enjoy TCM’s balancing energy, and the esoteric and spiritual aspect of this ancient practice. I believe human beings are energy bodies, and we must treat our physical bodies as a part of our mind and spirit wellness, in addition to our physical wellness.

After years of practice as a massage therapist, I wanted to provide more in-depth diagnois and treatment for my patients. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) gave me a way to help my clients acheive more optimal health for specific issues, and as part of their general wellness routine.

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